Right Hand Man of the 10th
What? Is there something on my face? I'm Gokudera Hayato, Tch. It's not like I really care who you are.. but I am the Tenth's best right hand man. So if you lay a finger on him i'll blow you to pieces.
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kirosbuttsuu asked : -hugs tightly- owo nope

"STOP HUGGING ME!" He placed his hands on your face and pushed.

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kirosbuttsuu asked : -snuggles Gokudera- owo

"Shoo.. shoo!"

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i’m ready to start threads again


by piyo
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i just finished my theme on my main blog

now i have to do gokuderas 

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Having her nose pinched and tugged, she squirmed and whimpered quietly, trying to back away too. But, that only made the slight pain worse. “Let go—! I promise not to bother you anymore…” she replied while her hands were trying to get his away from her face.


He leaned his cheek on the palm of his hand and watched her deal with the aftermath of his painful punishment. For once it actually made him chuckle a bit, but he quickly realized what he was doing and stopped immediately. “G-Good. Go away.”

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Send me a “+” and a character you would like to see me hook up with…


"Careful, I may or may not blow you to pieces." 

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