Right Hand Man of the 10th
What? Is there something on my face? I'm Gokudera Hayato, Tch. It's not like I really care who you are.. but I am the Tenth's best right hand man. So if you lay a finger on him i'll blow you to pieces.
[Closed RP] AU TYLTheOddCouple.

What an odd day it was, Gokudera sat on a table a bunch of mafia men on the floor. They all have been beaten to death by his flames and it was slightly odd to be sent on a boring task such as this. Yamamoto usually did stuff like this because the other members of the Mafia would kill these poor saps. After he finished his smoke, he left and sent a message to the Vongola Headquaters saying he’ll be back tomorrow he had a date tonight. 

Rushing toward a fancy restaurant he finally arrived and noticed a really angry Lily. She looked a bit older than before, and it was sort of nice especially since she looked absolutely stunning. “I apologize for being late..” He said in a soft tone as he walked towards her and kissed his hand. “Shall we go in? I have reservations for us tonight..”