Right Hand Man of the 10th
What? Is there something on my face? I'm Gokudera Hayato, Tch. It's not like I really care who you are.. but I am the Tenth's best right hand man. So if you lay a finger on him i'll blow you to pieces.
[Closed RP] AU TYLTheOddCouple.


Lily had been awoken by clicks and clacks down stairs earlier that morning, she figured someone had broken in; let’s just say Ryohei almost lost a couple limbs before she realized it was him though him being him he took her attack quite well. To make up for scaring her, he made breakfast. She glanced over at Gokudera as she realized he was picking off her plate and she huffed but she let him continue. She leaned over and gave him a kiss,”How did you sleep?” She asked, with a smile though it was amused because — Yamamoto leaned in to examine Gokudera’s neck.”You have a hickey.” he suddenly blurted, Lily acted innocent.”He does? Where?” She asked, as she leaned in to look too.

She had given it to him when she had waken up during the middle of the night to turn over. She figured it was payback for giving her one on the beach. It wasn’t very noticeable. Only if you got close and stared, she knew he had the meeting so she hadn’t made it dark or big, just a small pay back hickey. She left him another but he would notice that one of his on. It was on his thigh and that one was dark. She snickered to herself as she continued eating. She was sipping on her orange juice,

“Neh, Do you want me to bring you lu—” but she suddenly choked and her class fell from her hand; shattering glass everywhere along with the juice. Her hand flew up and clutched her shirt over where her clock was. It was moving again. It had been a while since the first stroke had been made and now the second was forming. She let out a scream as she had the first time, her whole body locked up and she fell from her chair; instantly curling into a trembling ball. The pain invaded her body and took over, her vision blurred and it was hard to breath. With each passing stroke the pain would only become worse. She didn’t know if she could handle worse pain than she was feeling now, hell the pain itself could kill her if she let it. But she had something to live for now and she would do anything, take any pain to stay living..

He continued eating her breakfast until Ryohei gave him a plate, god did he devour the whole thing as if he never eaten before. She kissed him and he gave her a tired sigh, lying his head on her shoulder slightly and giving her an annoyed groan. “It was alright.. I wish I had more..” Instantly Lambo pointed out the obvious and told him he couldn’t because of the meeting today. A glare was shot at the stupid cow as Lambo then cowered behind a newspaper. Gokudera blinked slightly, “I have a —WHAT!?” He felt his neck and it stung lightly, shooting a small glare at Lily, clearly she did it to him last night. “Don’t act all cute and stupid you idiot! You did it while I was sleeping didn’t you!?” A quick jab to her side he then rubbed his neck and then thought for a moment. 

If that sting was small and was her hickey, how come he had a really big sting on his thigh. Slightly lifting his sweat pants to glimpse at whatever was bugging him, he saw another hickey and turned a bit red. Looking at Lily and whispering in her ear, “You are so in for it after the meeting I warn you..” That was really embarrassing, at least Yamamoto couldn’t see that one, he pinched his buddy’s ear slightly, “Stop examining other necks like that! It’s creepy.” He growled softly and then almost spitting out his orange juice when Yamamoto said, “Oh? Lily has one too, did you guys finally—..” A bunch of whacks with the newspaper Gokudera tried his best to shut him up. 

He continued his breakfast, but he attention turned to Lily once the glass shattered, “Woah! Be care-.. Lily!?” Grasping her arm he wondered why she was freaking out, then once she screamed instantly he thought of what happened the first time her clock stroke. He begged that it wasn’t that, he hoped she just had something bad for breakfast. When she fell, he kicked the chair to the side and caught her in his arms. She curled up and he hugged her tightly, tears sort of streaming down his face as he lifted her shirt and saw that damn clock moving once again. He hated that clock more than anything, hell even his father was tolerable then the stupid curse. 

Gokudera let her hold his hand, regretting it since she was basically crushing it, but he didn’t care he pressed his lips on the top of her head and kept hoping it would stop, “LILY. PLEASE.” He couldn’t do anything, but wait till it was over and once it finally stopped he held her in his hands and it seemed she was unconscious again. Sobbing slightly, Yamamoto placed a hand on his shoulder and told him he would represent the meeting and he can come in late. The guardians got ready and went out, I-pin stayed behind to take care of Lily if she needed assistance or anything. Lifting her from the ground he brought her to the living room and placed her on the couch using his lip as a pillow. Stroking her hair slowly, his tears slowly dried up as Uri came out of his box and sort of guarded the place. He smiled, sometimes he really loved that Uri would give anything for Lily just like him. 

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